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Cognition and Motivated Behaviour Lab

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Covid and Cognition in children

We are conducting a study looking at how COVID-19 infection affects cognition in children aged 4-12.  The  study involves two questionnaires for parents/carers (2 x30min) about your child, and their experience of COVID-19 (whether or not they've had it), as well as some computer-game style cognitive tasks for your child (15-35min). These elements can be completed on the same day or at different times, whatever works best for you. This study is conducted Online, however people in the Cambridge area also have the option of coming into the lab and taking part in person.

When you've completed the study, we would like to follow respondents up every few weeks (this part is optional). We want to understand how the impact of the virus changes over time following recovery, and how that might differ between people who have experienced different symptoms.

Who can take part?

In order to be eligible to participate, the following must be true:

-  Children must be aged between 4-12 years and their parent/carer
- Both parent/carer and child must be fluent in English
- Both parent/carer and child must be able to interact with computer-based tasks
- Children should not be colour-blind
- Children should not have severe (non-corrected) visual or auditory processing difficulties, or significant global pre-existing neurological conditions impacting on pre-covid cognitive or motor functioning
- Resident in UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa

If you would like to take part, you can find the Information sheet and sign-up form Here 
Someone from the research team will then be in touch with links and instructions.

Parent/carers can complete the questionaires at the same time as the child does the cognitive tasks, or the different elements can be done at different times / on different days. 


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